Why old-school games are still cool

May 12th  |  


I recently bought a Ms. Pac-Man and a Galaga arcade machine. There’s something so nostalgic and fun about playing games I once enjoyed as a kid in the ’80s.

I remember how my dad would take us kids to the West End in Dallas, a historical district full of different tourist attractions, bars, two-stepping dance halls and arcades. We’d go every Friday when there was enough money to go. My goal was always to beat the high score, and I’d save up tokens to play certain games. Those happy days, just being a kid and having a good time, all come back to me when I play those games now as an adult.

My interest in owning some games myself started after I spent some time at Dwayne Wade’s house. We’re neighbors and he has a Ms. Pac-Man machine, so we like to get together and just kick back. Gabrielle Union even has this ongoing Ms. Pac-Man rivalry with a bunch of her friends—we’re always trying to beat each other’s high scores. It’s funny because even though you might be playing the game on your own, it can bring out some friendly competition and provide a fun challenge.

Old-school games seem to bring people together. Even if someone has never played before, the games from my childhood are usually pretty easy to catch onto. One of my friends, who I met back in high school, recently picked up some old PlayStation and Nintendo systems and games. Playing those types of games really makes me feel like a kid again. It’s a fun, low-key way to escape the adult world for a bit and bond with an old friend.

I was really excited to bring a piece of my childhood into my home. As an adult, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to play, to be like a kid again. That’s why I love seeing my children have fun and be silly and discover new things. Through a couple of old arcade machines, I’m able to capture that carefree feeling and experience it again myself.

(photo by April Belle Photos)

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