Why I’m Learning to Play the Guitar

December 28th  |  


Acoustic guitars are just really cool. They make great music—a sound that has the power to convey a lot more than the song itself. And it’s the kind of instrument you can take with you wherever you go, even play it by the fire pit with friends.

I’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument. I started learning the piano in Toronto but stopped playing out of frustration. Now that I’m home and have some time to learn something new, I had an opportunity to try it again—this time with a guitar. I recently bought a guitar from a guy who also gives lessons, so he has been teaching me the basics with a couple of lessons each week.

I figured if I kept working at it no matter how frustrated I get, I’d for sure be playing in six months. That’s the angle I take with learning anything new: Just be patient and don’t give up, and it’ll eventually happen.

I try to take the guitar with me, keep it close at hand so I can play whenever and wherever I have the chance. The ability to make a good time with family or friends by just reaching into the truck is awesome. Right now, I’m learning to play blues and old school rock and roll. It’s challenging, but when you get a chord change right, it’s such a great feeling to hear that beautiful sound. 

Playing the guitar has also turned out to be a family-friendly hobby. My kids love to hear me play. They want to make noise and try it out for themselves. And my wife can’t get enough. After all, she was raised on rock and roll, and we really connected through sharing music back in our dating days (and we still do).

After only a few lessons, I’m still working to perfect certain chords. I practice, make mistakes, try again. It’s a process that makes you appreciate the true talent out there. I’m looking forward to getting more comfortable with my guitar, learning more each week, trying out some of my favorite songs and sharing my love of music with family and friends.

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