My approach to apps, websites and social media

April 7th  |  

I like to think of myself as a technology enthusiast. Technology truly fascinates me. Staying up-to-date and checking out the latest, greatest gadgets, electronics and gear is a passion of mine.

Websites are one of my channels of choice for staying updated on the specific things I’m interested in—news, technology, fashion, culture. I have a few news sites I check regularly and some tech sites with all the information, interviews and new product reviews I need. You’ll usually find, and in my browser history.


As for social media, I like to scroll through Twitter during breakfast. It’s a quick, easy way to catch up on news, trends, tech, friends and other people I’m interested in. I also use Instagram for entertainment and to share snapshots of my day-to-day life. Facebook is great for keeping up with family and taking in longer news updates. What’s nice with all these platforms is that you can pick and choose who you want to follow, which means your feeds are custom to your interests.

At first I thought I wasn’t that into apps, but when I thought about it more, I realized I use them all the time. They’ve become such an integral part of life, something I use on a daily basis, that I almost didn’t realize how many I tap into regularly.

Some of my favorite apps help me stay updated, organized and in touch. For example, I use Pinterest for recipes, fashion inspiration, party planning (my wife and I like to share ideas with each other that way) and interior design (it’s especially come in handy as we’re in the process of building a new house).

WhatsApp and Line are two different apps that let me keep in touch with people internationally. I can send texts, photos and videos and make calls on Wi-Fi for free, so I don’t have to use minutes or data to catch up with friends in other countries or while I’m traveling overseas.

I recently got into Snapchat, thanks to Dwayne Wade. He’s the first friend I knew who had the app. It’s been a fun way to share goofy videos, show what I’m up to and just laugh at myself a bit. I’m also always checking the NBA Game Time app for live stats, scores and all the play-by-play action. And living in Miami, there are plenty of times I’ve come across Spanish words I don’t know, so I have a translator app to easily look them up and learn some new vocabulary.

My phone holds all my music, so that part gets a lot of use. I use Notes and Reminders to keep track of things I need to do and to write out anything I have on my mind. It’s an accessible spot to let out my thoughts, especially during the season if I’m feeling tired or frustrated. A short note gives me a chance to express myself and not hold things in. And I can send it to my wife so she can see how I’m feeling and we can talk about it.

We all have busy lives, and while technology has the potential to make our lives easier, it can also take a lot of time and effort to keep up with everything. There’s an infinite pool of information out there, so my approach is to focus on what I like and let the rest go.

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