A Bosh Family Cooking Tradition

June 28th  |  ,


While our children are still young, we’re just getting started on building traditions. Part of that involves the kitchen—making and enjoying good food.

When I was growing up, my family would always cook Tex-Mex at my aunt’s house on Christmas Eve. The neighbors down the street would make authentic Mexican tamales to share with the whole gang, and we’d all eat and open presents.

Those memories have inspired me to start incorporating more food-related traditions into my own family, whether that means cooking or baking together, gathering around the table to eat a certain type of meal or creating special recipes that we make over and over again.

Holiday time can be tough with traveling and work obligations, but summertime is perfect for family barbeques and eating meals outdoors. I feel like we’re starting a tradition of sorts with grilling. It’s an easy way to cook and serve up a meal, and it’s a crowd-pleaser when it comes to the kids.

Our children love to cook, even if they’re doing something as simple as boiling water or stirring a bowl. It’s fun to get them interested in food and spend that time together. We actually make cupcakes at least once a week in our house. It’s sometimes the first thing we do at home after we get back from a trip, even if it’s only 10 a.m. My oldest daughter absolutely loves cupcakes, and now that we make them so often, the kids are starting to want to do it themselves without any help.

I appreciate food and enjoy learning about new recipes, flavors and techniques. To be able to pass that love of cooking along to my kids and make it something we all do as a family is even better. Family cooking traditions and those shared meals of my childhood are a part of who I am today. I can’t wait to create the same type of memories with my own family.

— photography by april belle photos —

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