2015: my summer of concerts

December 16th  |  

This year, I’ve had a chance to really connect with music in a way I never have before.  From the very beginning of the summer to the end, I went to five or six music festivals. Having the opportunity to see bands and musicians on stage, to hear their music live, to be surrounded by other people who love music, to discover new artists in new places—it was something I won’t forget.


For me, the highlights would have to include seeing Drake, The Weekend and AC/DC. They all had great shows. Beyond that, here’s a little recap of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen:

April: Coachella (Indio, CA)

This festival takes place during a time of year that I usually never have time off, so I took advantage of my downtime this year and checked it out. I felt like a kid again, taking in all the sights and sounds. Between the tried-and-true bands and the up-and-coming ones, I felt like I heard a wide range of music here.

June: Glastonbury (Pilton, Somerset, UK)

I’d heard a lot about Glastonbury but now I know what it means because I’ve actually been there. It’s so much more than music; honestly, it’s the most creative place I’ve ever seen. Being in England, I got to see what’s popular in another country and walk around with a little anonymity. Hundreds of thousands of people attended the festival, camping out for days, selling art and handmade stuff, discovering new music. Such a cool experience.

July: Tollwood Summer Festival (Munich, Germany)

We stumbled across this festival while in Munich. Just a few stages in size, it took place in a park that was created for the 1972 Summer Olympics—and hosted pretty much every type of music. Our impromptu discovery gave us a chance to hear some really good music in an incredible location. I mean, you’ve probably never heard of the bands who were performing, but the atmosphere was great—very family-oriented, a lot of people just hanging out—and they had amazing food and beer.

July: Reggae on the Mountain (Topanga, CA outside Los Angeles)

We went to this festival on a whim, just stopping by for about an hour or so. With two stages and a couple of food vendors, it’s not a huge festival, but its setting amid the mountains is spectacular. And with the smaller crowd, it has a more intimate feel than the other massive gatherings out there.

August: HARD Fest (Pomona, CA outside Los Angeles)

For a taste of alternative music and new talent, I joined all the young kids and die-hard fans at this very electronic-oriented festival. I like a little EDM (you know, electronic dance music), so it was cool to see the guys who are really killing it. It was also cool to see how creative the DJs get with the light and screen shows they have going during their time on stage. This festival exposed me to some different types of music and emerging artists in a live environment—a great way to discover new-to-me music.

If you’ve been to an awesome music festival, let me know about it. I’m always interested in new places, new music and new experiences.

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